Tattoo Removal

Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal

Not too long ago, a tattoo was permanent.  Removal methods would often leave a permanent scar, take out the pigment of the skin, leave a good part of the tattoo intact, and be almost entirely ineffective on red tattoos.

Today, lasers can completely and safely remove tattoos on all skin types and all colors of ink.

How It Works

The two types of laser technology to remove ink are known as nanosecond and picosecond.  Nanosecond lasers run at a billionth of a second while picosecond lasers run at a trillionth of a second.

Nanosecond was the standard until recent years and works better with larger particles of ink.  Nanosecond lasers were effective at lightening the tattoo, but would often struggle to completely remove the tattoo as ink particles became smaller.  This would would often lead to a faded tattoo that was unable to be completely removed.

A few years ago, the picosecond laser was developed to completely remove particles of ink towards the end of treatment.

Our Cutera enlighten® laser works by combining nanosecond with picosecond for the quickest and safest removal possible.

In addition to the combination of nanosecond and picosecond, we offer three different wavelengths so we can completely remove the stubborn colors of ink.


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