truSculpt 3d Treatment For Fat Reduction In Omaha

Want to reduce stubborn fat and have body contouring without having expensive surgery, downtime, and scars? 

We offer a no downtime radio-frequency treatment that on average melts 24% of body fat within 12 weeks after treatment without the need for any incisions.

A treatment session can last from fifteen minutes to an hour. For the best results, we may advise additional visits.  Patients typically report little or no discomfort. The temperature can also be easily adjusted to accommodate your comfort. There is no recovery time! Most people resume normal activities immediately.

Before and After Photos


Are you considering Kybella to remove neck fat?

Instead of needles, pain and bruising with significant down time, consider TruSculpt 3D, the latest radio-frequency technology to remove fat AND shrink skin.

Unlike Coolsculpting, Trusculpt 3D actually shrinks skin as well as removes an average of 24% fat cells per treatment. And you don’t need anesthesia. There is no downtime. You can go back to work the same day with no noticeable skin changes.

The results become apparent over a 3 month period as the fat gently melts away.

And here’s the next best thing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, we are offering neck TruSculpt 3D at an introductory price of $850.